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En route to [[Goldenrod City]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|company}} pass by a lake. {{an|Misty}} lets out all {{cat|Misty's Pokémon|her Pokémon}} so they can swim, but {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} can't remember how to swim and has to be lifted out of the water. Ash releases {{AP|Totodile}} too; it spots some {{p|Magikarp}} and uses its {{m|Water Gun}} to toss them into the air. Misty comments that Totodile is talented.
As everyone is having lunch, Totodile sees a [[Gender|female]] {{p|Azumarill}} sitting on the shore, {{m|sing}}ing. At once Totodile falls in love and runs over to dance in front of the Azumarill. She isn't impressed and blasts him with a Water Gun before walking away. Totodile follows her. At the table, the kids see a {{p|Golduck}} in the bushes. Misty wants to catch it but {{an|Brock}} says to wait, it seems to be looking for something. Shortly later a [[Trixie|girl]] with a {{p|Pidgey}} on her shoulder comes along, looking upset. Brock gives her a long-winded introduction of himself, and she tells him her name is Trixie. Brock flirts with her and Misty drags him away.
Ash asks Trixie what she's looking for, and she says she has lost her Azumarill. As if on cue, the Azumarill appears and hides behind Trixie's legs. Ash consults [[Pokédex|Dexter]]: Azumarill is the [[Evolution|evolved]] form of {{p|Marill}} and can hear for great distances, even underwater. Now Totodile comes out of the bushes and blows kisses at Azumarill but she turns up her nose at him.