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* In the beginning of the scene where Giovanni is yelling at Jessie and James, he is barefoot. He is shown later in that same scene with blue sandals on.
* Meowth calls Shellder a "crummy crustacean". This was probably done for effect, as to make an alliteration; Shellder is the "Bivalve Pokémon," and therefore a molluscmollusk if applying real world taxonomy.
* Shellder was [[Fainting|knocked out]] by [[James's Weezing]]'s {{m|Haze}} attack. In the games, Haze does no damage and therefore couldn't replicate this effect.
* When Slowbro uses {{m|Amnesia}}, Ash and co. are stunned and Brock says "That's supposed to make its opponents forget!" This is not actually true, as Amnesia affects the user only in the games as well.