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In order to access the Global Battle Union, a player must have a Pokémon Global Link account. Rankings cannot even be seen without logging into the site first.
==RankingsRandom Matchup==
Random Matchup can be accessed through the [[Global Terminal]] inside the Pokémon Centers. Players are given the option to choose the battle mode between Single Battle, Double Battle, Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, or Launcher Battle. The option for Free mode and Rating mode is then given, the latter of which is the concern of the Global Battle Union. Rating mode requires players to have Black and White game synched with a corresponding Global Link account. Players start out with a 1500 Rating that increases or decreases depending on the outcome of the battle. Players are more likely to battle other players of the same rating.
[[File:Red Trophy select.png|thumb|Selecting an avatar]]
Every season, once a player has completed ten Random Matchup [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection|Wi-Fi]] {{pkmn|battle}}s (ties and incomplete battles do not count) of any format, they are added into the rankingrating system of the Global Battle Union. All players are rankedrated according to the number of points that they have. The points are generally intended to account for the win-loss record of that player.
In addition to seeing the general ratings and points of other players, players can also view an "advanced" version of their own ratings by clicking a "details" button on the page. Ratings, along with other information, can be transferred when using another [[Nintendo DS]] console by transferring Wi-Fi Connection settings.
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Players that end a season ranked in the top 100 of the overall rankings receive a special trophy avatar on the Global Link.===Rules===
In Rating mode, players must follow a certain set of rules. Players who choose Free mode have the option to make use of these rules. The rules are subject to changes caused by the likes of glitches, world championships, and overall balance.