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Colorless (TCG)

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Dragon Selection Sub-set
The '''Colorless-type''' is one of the ten {{TCG|Elemental types|TCG elemental types}}. It is represented by the color white.
Containing a wide range of Pokémon, the Colorless-type covers from the very weakest of Pokémon, such as {{TCG|Rattata}}, to among the strongest, such as {{TCG|Rayquaza}}. Pokémon which are of the {{t|Normal}}-, {{t|Dragon}}-{{tt|*|Prior to Dragon Selection Sub-set}}, and {{type2|Flying}}s in the [[main series]] games become Colorless-type in the TCG.
Colorless can be seen as the "neutral" type, as attacks with an {{TCG|Energy}} cost listed with {{TCG|Colorless Energy}} may use any of the other eight types of Energy to count for that Colorless. Due to this, unlike the other eight, there is no {{TCG|Basic Energy card}} associated with Colorless— all cards providing only Colorless Energy also provide {{TCG|Recycle Energy|some other effect}}, or provide {{TCG|Double Colorless Energy|multiple Energy units}}, aside from {{TCG|React Energy}}.