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Having left [[Snowpoint City]] behind, {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|his friends}} are now aboard a train leading to [[Lake Acuity]], where Ash is due to have his full battle against [[Paul]]. Ash is naturally determined to win when he and the others meet an absent-minded man called [[Looker]] who is also on the train, and is almost knocked over when Ash shouted his determination and drops the lunchboxes he is carrying which {{an|Brock}}, Ash and {{an|Dawn}} are all able to catch. Ash apologizes and asks Looker if he's ok, to which the muddle-minded gentleman replies in the positive. Brock asks him if the boxed lunch was the train station's best food, and Looker gives Ash, Dawn and Brock one as a gift as he had accidentally ordered too many from the seller. The gang introduced themselves to Looker, and Looker introduced himself. Team Rocket{{TRT}}, in disguise, also receive the box lunch from Looker. But Looker still had lots of food, so he decided to give it to the driver, his assistant and the driver's Pokémon. Brock told Ash that the Pokémon should be an {{type2|electric}} Pokémon.
As the train traveled on to Lake Acuity, the driver tells his Pokémon, an {{p|Ampharos}}, to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The driver's assistant tells the gang that the train is powered by Ampharos's electric attacks, leaving the group impressed by the cooperation between Ampharos and the driver. Looker gives the box lunch to the train crew when suddenly the driver stops the train as the signal ahead is set at red for danger.