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Katrina (AG011)

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|nick=Mightyena (x4)
|img=AG011Katrina Poochyena.png
|img2=Katrina Mightyena.png
|desc=Katrina uses these {{p|Mightyena}} to protect the reserve.
One of her Mightyena used to be a lone {{p|Poochyena}} that did not evolve with the others. [[Max]] befriended the Poochyena. Noting that he shouldn't be left out, Max decided to start training it so it could evolve. After training it against {{an|May}}'s Pokémon and a fight with [[Team Rocket]]{{TRT}}, it eventually evolved.
All of the Mightyena know {{m|Bite}}. The one that evolved knows {{m|Tackle}} as well.}}
===Taken care of===
{| align="center" width=100%
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Tauros|Katrina Tauros.png|Normal|link=no}} ♂
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Hoothoot|Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png|Normal|Flying|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Furret|Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png|Normal|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Bellossom|Katrina Hoothoot Furret Bellossom.png|Grass|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Ninetales|Katrina Ninetales.png|Fire|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Katrina|Azurill|Katrina Azurill.png|Normal|link=no}}
==Voice actors==
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