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'''Glacine''' (Japanese: '''ヤジン''' ''Yajin'') is a character appearing in both versions of ''[[M14]].|White—Victini Sheand isZekrom voicedand inBlack—Victini Japaneseand by 紗ゆり SayuriReshiram]].
She is the leader of the tundra village where [[Damon]] travels during his quest for support from the People of the Vale. Initially she does not support Damon's goals, but when he rescues her and some of her people from a giant iceberg using his {{mo|Reshiram|Reshiram|14}} and {{p|Reuniclus}} or {{mo|Zekrom|Zekrom|14}} and {{p|Gothitelle}} she changes her mind, along with the rest of the village. She is later seen in [[Manus]]'s home voicing her support for Damon, and again in the film's credits helping to rebuild the [[Kingdom of the Vale]].
|epname=White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram
|desc={{p|Stoutland}} is Glacine's only known Pokémon. She uses it to aid in her search for plants on the tundra, as it can pull her sled around to carry supplies.
{{-}}==Voice actors==
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|ja=紗ゆり ''Sayuri''