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'''The Under''' (Japanese: '''アンダー''' ''Under'') is a subterranean city situated directly beneath [[Pyrite Town]] in southwest [[Orre]]. It can be reached in three ways: via an elevator in [[Miror B.'s Hideout]], [[The Under Subway]], andor a mine shaft not far to the west of Pyrite. The Under is home to two Colosseums,: the anti-[[Cipher]] [[Kids Grid]] network, and the lone [[Herb Shop]] in ''[[Pokémon Colosseum]]''. It is connected to the [[Shadow Pokémon Laboratory]] by The Under Subway.
A chasm in the northern part of Pyrite Town allows sunlight to reach parts of The Under. This same chasm also separates The Under into two halves: the northern half, which is home to both Colosseums, and the southern half, the home of most of the city's commercial establishments. A {{wp|Unidentified flying object|UFO}} operated by Disks connects the two halves.
A television studio is located to the east of the Under Colosseum on the northern edge of the chasm. It was used by [[Venus]] to broadcast her show, "Under Time", until she was defeated by [[Wes]] and [[Rui]]. It is connected to both the Under Colosseum and The Under Subway by way of a pair of basements.
===The Under Grand Hotel===