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The arrives at a small island, where they find a deserted kayak on the beach and two pairs of footprints in the sand. Tracey describes the prints as belonging to a {{p|Chansey}} and a woman with a size-7 sneaker. After following the footprints to a small bay, they realize there are no more tracks to follow. Misty states her uncertainty that what had passed them on a boat was a Nurse Joy. Tracey recalls the moment, saying that the woman seemed more muscular than an average Joy. Just then, a [[Giant Pokémon|giant]] {{p|Magikarp}} jumped up out of the bay and began flopping around on the rock at the group's feet. Misty, worried that the {{t|Water}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} will run out of air, proposes that they help it get back into the water; Ash agrees. Before they can figure out how to help the Pokémon, Nurse Joy and Chansey appears to help Magikarp. Joy gives Magikarp some calcium tablets and throws it back into the water. Nurse Joy tells Ash and {{ashfr}} that she travels from island to island helping sick and injured Pokémon, because a lot of the Orange islands are too small for [[Pokémon Center]]s. She invites the group to her local clinic for lunch.
Back at her clinic, Nurse Joy demonstrates her abilities by treating Ash's Lapras. Eager to see Nurse Joy in action, Ash and his friends ask if they can help with her work. Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Nurse Joy all set off in kayaks. We see the group in a variety of situations where Nurse Joy's assistance is needed. Many {{pkmn|trainers}}' Pokémon are helped: a {{p|Kingler}}, an {{p|Onix}}, and a {{p|Mankey}}, among others.
A little while later, the group falls behind in their kayaks, and loses sight of Nurse Joy. When they finally catch up to her kayak, it is empty; both Chansey and Joy are missing. Tracey believes that a {{p|Gyarados}} could have tipped her boat over. Suddenly, they see a pink figure appear from the water, thinking it might be Chansey; the figure turns over and reveals itself to be {{an|Jigglypuff}}. Before the Pokémon can begin to {{m|sing}}, they race away in their kayaks. When they finally stop, they see Nurse Joy and Chansey, with its first-aid kit, pop up out of the water. She states that she went underwater to treat a sick {{p|Cloyster}}, and sends Chansey to retrieve their kayak. Ash and Tracey become curious as to how Joy can treat Pokémon underwater, so she offers to show them. The boys in their swimming attire jump in to the water and follow the nurse to the ocean floor. There, we see a sick {{p|Shellder}} that Nurse Joy begins to examine. Unable to hold his breathe any longer, Ash begins to struggle. Just then, a [[Wild Pokémon|wild]] {{p|Dewgong}} grabs onto him with its fins. The Pokémon seems to be playing with Ash. Nurse Joy rescues him from Dewgong and they all head back to shore.