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== Synopsis ==
The episode begins with our heroes walking happily along a path in the middle of a forest. {{an|May}} is very excited about the contest, which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s Contest Halls, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind to remind her that she's not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its [[Poké Ball]] and starts to smell the air. Obviously smelling something delicious, Munchlax starts to run off in search of what has created such a smell. May tells {{TP|May|Munchlax}} to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon.
Munchlax isn't the only one hungry however, as we find Team Rocket{{TRT}} slowly walking through the same forest, tired and starving. [[Jessie]] and [[James]] fall to the ground, and Jessie complains how much hard work it is tracking Ash and his friends{{ashfr}}. However, their attention is brought away from Ash as Jessie spots what appears to be a restaurant not far away. The three villains instantly run towards the building, excited at the thought of all the delicious food before Jessie stops them and reminds James and Meowth{{MTR}} that they have no money. James and Meowth, unable to stop in time, slam straight into the restaurant’s door and fall rejected onto the floor. The door opens however, and a pretty girl greets them and invites them in, saying her name is [[Rhoda]].
Back to the heroes, we find Munchlax has found what it was looking for, and has stopped in front of what appears to be another restaurant. May blushes and says that she knows how Munchlax feels... she's hungry too. The doors open, and a girl and her {{p|Mr. Mime}} smile and welcome them in, saying her name is {{ka|Rhonda}}. [[Max]] eyes the Mr. Mime with interest, and the girl explains that the Mr. Mime is the chef of the restaurant. The girl goes onto explains that they will not only get a good meal, but an amazing performance too as the Pokémon can cook with style. {{an|Brock}}, as usual, proclaims his love for the girl who nervously smiles. Brock then has a fantasy of them sitting alone together, with a delicious meal before Max interrupts.
While {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|co.}}his friends have just found the Mr. Mime restaurant, Team Rocket is already inside and sitting down at the one they discovered. It seems that much like the one belonging to Rhonda, the chef is also a Pokémon. This time, a Sneasel. As they sit down, the girl mentions Pokémon Contest, and Jessie's interest perks up. {{MTR}} says that Jessie is interested in Contests too, and Rhoda instantly runs back, shocked at the talking Pokémon. Jessie tries to calm the scared girl down, and tells her that she, Jessie, is a Top Coordinator. Rhoda instantly runs back over to the group, excited at meeting such a famous person. She suddenly remembers that she must get the menu, and runs off, apologizing. Over at the kitchen, the Pokémon chef, {{p|Sneasel}}, looks on snickering to itself. The group looks over, noticing the Sneasel for the first time. Meowth begins to talk again, and Jessie hits him, telling the cat to keep its mouth shut- They don't want to scare the girl off again, especially if they want food. The Sneasel laughs again, this time at Meowth, and Meowth becomes angry at Sneasel mocking it. The two Pokémon argue, but are stopped when Rhoda comes back in with the menu. She explains that her Sneasel is an amazing cook, and Jessie and James become excited at the prospect of tasting some of it.
Back with Ash and co.friends, we find them sitting inside Rhonda's restaurant waiting for the performance to start. The curtains are pulled back, and the group looks on in wonder at all the cooking equipment. Rhonda tells Mr. Mime to start, and the Psychic Pokémon does so, using its Psychic abilities to cook, stir and chop the ingredients.
Sneasel has already finishes its meal however, which seems to consist of a simple meat dish with sauce. Team Rocket look on, a little under whelmed having been told that Sneasel was an amazing chef. James tries a little, and he starts to blush and marvel at how delicious the food actually is. Jessie tries some too, and agrees, with her eyes becoming large and sparkly. Meowth, seeing that Jessie and James seem to like it, tries some. He doesn't have the same reaction however, and finds the food disgusting. As they finish their first meal, Rhoda brings some more food, this time meatballs. Jessie and James try some, and once again find the food delicious. Meowth dumps his meatballs down his throat all in one bite, but is forced to drink all of his water as he finds the food alarmingly hot. Confused at how they could have such different opinions to him, he steals one of Jessie's meatballs and eats it. Expecting it to taste horrible, he's shocked to find how delicious it is. Meowth instantly becomes angry however, as he realizes that Sneasel must have made his food 'specially' just for him.
That night, we find Team Rocket speaking with Rhoda. She explains to them that while the food her Sneasel prepares is delicious, it has problems with making it look so and worries that it cannot put on the same performance as her sister's Mr. Mime can. Jessie and James wonder if they could help, and Rhoda excited, says that with the help of a Top Coordinator such as Jessie, she cannot fail. Jessie smugly says that she will help, and James looks on, confused at his partner's sudden sense of good will. Jessie, sensing this, whispers in his ear that they can use this as an excuse to stick around and find a way to steal Sneasel, Mr. Mime and Pikachu.
Back with Ash and co.friends, we find them talking with Rhonda, who explains that she has the opposite problem to her sister. While her Pokémon can make food look delicious, Mr., Mime has problems actually making it taste good. She begs Brock to help her improve Mr. Mime's cooking ability, and Brock says that he understands, and will help as much as he can. Rhonda thanks him, and they instantly get to work. A little later, Mr. Mime is preparing some stew under Brock's supervision. Mr. Mime, who up until that point had been stirring the meal by itself, tries to use its Psychic power to add flavoring. Brock stops it however, explaining that it must rely on its own cooking ability, and master the art by itself without help from its Psychic powers. After all, it's trying to improve its cooking ability, not put on a performance.
As Brock explains that to Mr. Mime, Jessie is doing the same for Sneasel. Having prepared a huge block of ice, she tells the Pokémon to make a sculpture out of it. Sneasel does so, slashing at the block of ice with its claws to make a sculpture, in the end, it makes an ice Sneasel. James remarks that it's rather small however (smaller than a salt shaker even), as they need magnifying glasses to see it.