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Ash then remembers dealing with his {{AP|Snorlax}} in the past. Of course neither Brock, May, or Max were there when he did it but they believe he can handle it pretty well. After all, Brock has met Ash's Snorlax when he used it in that [[Sumo Conference]], against [[Clair]] in [[Blackthorn City]] and the [[Johto League]], but its currently at {{an|Professor Oak}}'s [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|lab]]. Marcel does indeed know Professor Oak, and knowing that Ash has captured a Snorlax, he trusts them that they're worthy enough to help him save the Slakoth, to which they agree.
[[Team Rocket]]{{TRT}} then notice the sleeping Snorlax in the garden. Once again, {{MTR}} comes up with another far-fetched plan to steal Snorlax and the fantasize about giving it to {{an|Giovanni|their Boss}}.
Back at the lodge, Marcel shows them the security cameras he has placed in the garden, as Ash and the others keep an eye on the sleeping Snorlax. Ash feels confident enough to battle Snorlax and maybe help get rid of it by capturing it in a [[Poké Ball]]. Suddenly, May notices on the screen that Snorlax is now wide awake, and feasting away on the bananas. Ash rushes outside to find it and challenge it, while the others follow.