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Well. Uh. Hey thereHello. My name is Bailey. IA figurelot Iof shouldother editpeople thishave atbig leastfancy athings littleon bittheir souserspace, thatbut myto namebe isn't that embarrassing redhonest, colorbig, butfancy honestlyand Iglamorous willis donot areally full overhaul of this pagemy laterstyle.
==LameA smallfew talkintroductory things==
Anyways, I'm acan [[Generationbe I]]incredibly fanboyshy and aintroverted [[Charmander]]to lover tilthose I die. Been playing the games since don'98,t took a slight break after being disgruntle with {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}know, butor when Soul Silver was released, I knew I hadtrying to haveget it. [[Generation V]] has been the best oneinvolved in about a decadenew incommunity mylike opinionthis, and whileso I stillapologize wouldn'tif say itI'sm asnot goodgoing asout [[Generationof II]]my (andway shouldn'tto betalk usedto intoo the same sentence asmany Genpeople. I). Still, I tryIt's not to be the stereotypical h8er that aI lotdon't oflike bitter, I fanboys turn intopromise. IIt'ms tryingjust my best and taking Pokémon one day at a I willroll, do a much better editeven on this in the future, AKA in the next few days of my Thanksgiving weekend (:webernet.
I'm a college student planning to major in mathematics and economics. I stay fairly up to date with current events, and read economic research in my free time, so I'm always interested to chat about that if you're interested. As much as I hate hashtags, I must say, #losersunite!
I'm lucky enough to have a very beautiful girlfriend (in real life, not on the internet) who I reintroduced to Pokémon when we began dating. Now she's trapped with the game just like me (:
I really don't tolerate drama, ESPECIALLY over the internet. If needed, I can settle disputes, but if you're looking to pick an internet fight, you won't get one out of me. Not my style. I think it's silly.
Not sure how much you guys know about gaming outside of here, but I have a very loose connection to the OpTic gaming team, and there is a slim chance I will be joining their team (as a creative strategist and public relations master, NOT player) as OpTic 3.14 (told you I'm a nerd). No clue whether or not this will go through, but hey, I'm always optimistic.
==My Pokéhistory==
I've been playing Pokémon since it became international in 1998. My first Pokémon game was Red version, and the first Pokémon I ever picked was Charmander. That is why he is by far my favorite Pokémon(and before the h8ers get to me, I know, Charizard is overrated in competitive battling). I owned Red, Blue, and Yellow, and eventually compelted my Blue version Pokédex with all 151 Pokémon (including the event Mew released at the 1999 movies).
I loved Gen. II, and Gen III. was not bad, but Gen IV. was the one to challenge my relationship with Pokémon the most. I did not enjoy Pokémon Diamond very much at all, causing me to take a brief hiatus from Pokémon. However, when HGSS came out, I knew it was time to come back, and that's when I truly got introduced into the more "serious" world of Pokémon via Smogon, Bulbapedia, etc. That's when I really started becoming a Pokémon superfan beyond just playing the games.
==Current Pokéstatus==
I'm currently working on trying to complete the entire Pokédex. I'm two-thirds through the Black and White Pokédex, and plan on replaying FireRed, SS, Ruby, and then Diamond (ugh) to try to capture the Pokémon from all across the Pokémon world. It's gonna take a heck of a lot of migration and transferring, but my goal is to complete the entire Pokédex by the end of 2011.
In terms of competitive Pokémon, I don't really do too much. I refuse to use gameshark, rng abuse, Pokésav, or anything of that sort (breeding was made difficult for a reason) so even when I do take a long time to create my teams, I don't win much anyways. I'm currently not accepting battle requests, unless you want to battle on a simulator like good ol' Shoddy Battle (...or even the more modern ones I suppose).
I would be happy to trade with anybody that needs anything or just wants to trade. However, I cannot help you if you are looking for a Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys, Jirachi, or Shayamin. As previously stated, I only want/have legit Pokémon, which has resulted in me being super paranoid of trading with any other player. I take great pride in trying to have a 100% legit completed Pokédex.
==My Bulbagarden goals==
I do hope to one day be on the staff, hopefully for Bulbanews. While it may or may not happen, I remain hopeful that- regardless of the result of the staff drive- it could happen one day eventually. When I have more time, I plan on making some more serious edits on Bulbapedia other than just correcting confusing grammar, which is my typical contribution at this time.
==Talk to me==
My talk page is always open for anybody who wants to talk. It's probably the best way to get a hold of me right now. I can't promise an immediate response, but I don't really ignore people on here and will certainly respond as soon as I come back on here.