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Zekrom-EX Battle Strength Deck (TCG)

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The '''Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck''' (Japanese: '''バトル強化デッキ60「ゼクロムEX」''' ''Battle Strength Deck Zekrom EX'') is a Japanese-exclusive full deck released after the {{TCG|Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard}} expansion of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]].
The Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck will be released shortly after {{TCG|Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard}}. The deck focuses on the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Zekrom}}, and features it as a {{TCG|Pokémon -EX}} card. The 60 card deck also includes a "How to Play Easy Guide" and a "Battle Strength Guide" that includes tips for bolstering decks.
{{halfdecklist/entry|007/018|{{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Emolga|7}}|Lightning||1}}
{{halfdecklist/entry|008/018|{{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Tynamo|8}}|Lightning||1}}
{{halfdecklist/entry|009/018|{{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Zekrom -EX|9}}|Lightning||2}}
{{halfdecklist/entry|010/018|{{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Eevee|10}}|Colorless||3}}
{{halfdecklist/entry|011/018|{{TCG ID|Zekrom EX Strength Deck|Ultra Ball|11}}|Item||4}}