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Generation I
===[[Generation I]]===
[[File:Red Blue Bill.png|thumb|right|Bill in Generation I]]In {{game2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}, Bill can be found at the [[Cerulean Cape]], initially performing an experiment on Pokémon teleportation. However, Bill accidentally becomes combined with the body of a {{p|Clefairy}} and requires the player's help to fix the problem. After things are back in order, he speaks about his Pokémon storage system and what was formerly on the PC menu as "Someone's PC" will change to "Bill's PC." He will also give away an {{DL|List of key items in Generation I|S.S. Ticket}} so that the player can board the [[S.S. Anne]]. He gives the player the ticket as a gift for changing him back into a human, and also claims that the rich crowd of the S.S. Anne isn't his type. If the player exits Bill's house and goes back in, they can check his computer for information on {{p|Eevee}} and its three [[Evolutionary stone|stone]] evolutions, his favorite Pokémon.
===[[Generation II]]===