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Hariru, despite the beating he took, manages to get up and defeats Ryouga once more. Hariru takes Ryouga's 1 medal and decides that even though he lost this battle, he must win the tournament and get his revenge. Later, Ryouga is woken up from Rabine who tells him that he was defeated by Hariru. Ryouga angrily shouts at his defeat and accidentally knocks out Rabine in the process. Noticing what he has done, Ryouga takes Rabine's four medal, giving him a total of 12 points and the ability to go onto the next round.
In the fourth round, "Seesaw Balloon Survival", Ryouga is paired up against Shin. Despite Shin being a powerful foe, Ryouga manages to pop Shin's ballon and win the battle by using clever momentum techniques.
===On hand===