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Once out of the woods, Ash recalls Bulbasaur. The group approaches a deep gorge which the river runs through. Woodruff calls attention to a rope bridge that he uses to cross, only to find that the bridge is down. Looking into the gorge, Misty sees the Pinsir getting across by jumping along tree limbs. Ash accuses the Pinsir of having cut the bridge ropes, but when Woodruff inspects the severed ends of the rope, he points out that the cut is different that what a Pinsir would make, and that it could have only been done by a human. Angry at whatever human had destroyed the bridge, the group then ponders how to cross the gorge. They hear a sound, and turn to find Heracross pushing on a tree. Misty begins to fuss at it, but Brock cuts her off, realizing that the Heracross is trying to push the tree over. The group jump out of the way as the tree comes crashing down, landing neatly across the gorge where the bridge used to be. The group are able to safely cross the river and enter the Pinsir forest, with the Heracross still following at a distance.
As they enter Pinsir territory, they notice a tree with a single gigantic Pinsir up in the branches. Woodruff points out that Pinsir do not grow that large, and that the Pinsir in question is really a machine. A closer look shows that the Pinsir robot has a hose connected to the tree trunk, with golden sap leaking out around the connection point. At this, [[Team Rocket]]{{TRT}} leaps out from the tree and speaks their motto. Woodruff identifies them as the robot's owner, at which they explain their motive for building it: while hiking in the woods, tired and starved, they chanced upon a tree with sweet-smelling sap. After tasting the incredibly delicious sap, they decide to drain the forest of all of its sap and sell it, building a Pinsir mech (the parts of which they sent for from an ad they found in the back pages of ''Popular Pokémon'' magazine) to do the draining job for them. ([[Jessie]] originally wanted to start a pancake house to sell the syrup, but her idea to top the flapjacks with her "own special blend" of limburger cheese and cajun curry powder didn't go over well with [[James]] and {{MTR}}.)
Ash and the group berate Team Rocket for upsetting the balance of nature for selfish ends, but Jessie states that the only balance they care about is their checking account balance. She sends out {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}, while James sends out {{TP|James|Victreebel}} and quickly makes a dive for the bushes, expecting to get a bite on the head from his Pokémon. When no such bite comes, he looks up, finding his Pokémon licking the tree sap. Only when he fusses at it for sucking up their profits does Victreebel pay heed to him and attempt to devour him. Jessie also finds her Pokémon more interested in the sap; realizing that they're not getting anywhere, Meowth whips out a remote to the Pinsir mech and commands it to attack the [[Twerp]] group.