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Swadloon (Noble Victories 2)

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{{PokémoncardInfobox |
|cardname=Swadloon |
|jname=クルマユ |
|jtrans=Kurumayu |
|image=SwadloonNobleVictories2.jpg |
|caption={{TCG|Noble Victories}} print<br>Illus. [[Midori Harada]] |
species=Swadloon |reprints=2
evostage=Stage 1 |reprint1=SwadloonLegendaryTreasures11.jpg
evoicon|recaption1=540 {{TCG|Legendary Treasures}} print<br>Illus. [[sui]]
evospecies=Sewaddle |species=Swadloon
evoname|evostage=SewaddleStage |1
type=Grass |evoicon=540
hp=70 |evospecies=Sewaddle
weakness=Fire |evoname=Sewaddle
retreatcost=1 |type=Grass
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Grass|expansion={{TCG|Noble Victories}}|rarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|cardno=2/101|jpexpansion={{TCG|Psycho Drive}}|jprarity={{rar|CommonC}}|jpcardno=007/052}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Grass|expansion={{TCG|Legendary Treasures}}|rarity={{rar|Uncommon}}|cardno=11/113|jpexpansion={{TCG|EX Battle Boost}}|jpcardno=006/093}}
'''Swadloon''' (Japanese: '''クルマユ''' ''Kurumayu'') is a {{ct|Grass}} Stage 1 Pokémon card. It iswas first released as part of the {{TCG|Noble Victories}} expansion.
==Card text==
{{TCGAttack Cardtext/Header|type=Grass}}
type=Grass |{{Cardtext/Attack
position=Top |type=Grass
|cost={{e|Grass}} |
|name=Tackle |
|jname=たいあたり |
|jtrans=Body Blow |
|damage=20 |
|effect= |
{{TCGAttack |Cardtext/Attack
|type=Grass |
position|cost=Bottom {{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}
cost|name={{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}String |Shot
name=String Shot |jname=いとをはく
jname|jtrans=いとをはくSpit |Thread
jtrans=Spit Thread |damage=20
damage|effect=20Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now {{TCG|Paralyzed}}.
effect=Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now {{TCG|Paralyzed}}. |
===Pokédex data===
{{Carddex |
|type=Grass |
|name=Swadloon |
|species=Leaf-Wrapped |
|ndex=541 |
|height=1'08" |
|jheight=0.5 |
|weight=16.1 |
|jweight=7.3 |
|dex=Forests where Swadloon live have superb foliage because the nutrients they make from fallen leaves nourish the plant life. |
|jdex=クルマユの 住む 森は 草木が よく 育つ。 クルマユが 落ち葉を 栄養分に 変えているのだ。 |
==Release information==
This card was included in the English {{TCG|Noble Victories}} expansion, first released in the Japanese {{TCG|Psycho Drive}}, with artwork by [[Midori Harada]]. It was later reprinted with different artwork by [[sui]] in the English {{TCG|Legendary Treasures}} expansion, originating from the Japanese {{TCG|EX Battle Boost}}.
|set1=Noble Victories
|illus1=Midori Harada
|set2=Legendary Treasures
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[[de:Folikon (Königliche Siege 2)]]
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[[fr:Couverdure (Noir & Blanc Nobles Victoires 2)]]
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[[ja:クルマユ (BW3)]]