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The Bad (things I dislike)
*Stephan aka [[Morrison]]. Could be worse because Stephan is a contrast to Bianca and Trip.
*{{p|Scraggy}} - finally created a {{t|Dark}}/{{type|Fighting}} and this puny runt is what we get? [[Ash's Scraggy|Ash getting one]] is certainly not a good one either. And when given the opportunity to replace Scraggy with a {{P|Mandibuzz}}, he DECLINES! If he evolved his Tepig he'd have a fighting type anyway, whilst getting Mandibuzz keeps a Dark type in his arsenal, only this one can use Dark moves, not to mention Brave Bird and Air Slash. What a disgrace.
*The new {{TRT}} outlook on life. I miss camp James and comical Jessie who got beaten down on but we teared up for when they came through to help Ash, who we all know they have grown very attached to.