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Pokémon in Greater China

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Currently, none of the Pokémon games have been translated into Chinese. Many Chinese-translated bootlegs of the series are sold into the mainland. Interactions between these bootlegs and any official game cartridges, while possible, are not recommended since the Chinese characters were never programmed into any official cartridges and would often result with files getting corrupted on both cartridges and forcing the gamers to start over from the beginning. Currently, Taiwan<!--by Nintendo Phuten Co., Ltd--> and Hong Kong<!--By MANI Limited--> receives the Japanese versions of the video games.
There's were also some [[event|events]] in Taiwan during [[PokéPark]] in [[List of Nintendo event Pokémon in 2006|2006]], but only for the Japanese version. {{p|Mew}}, {{p|Jirachi}} and {{p|Celebi}} waswere distributed. [[Old Sea Map]] was also distributed for the pre-release ticket of [[M08|the eighth movie]].
One game related to Pokémon, [[Super Smash Bros.]] (任天堂明星大乱斗) was released in mainland China in 2005.