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Armaldo (Pokémon)

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Spoilers for Explorers of Sky.
==Game data==
===NPC appearances===
* [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky]]: An Armaldo serves a mentor to the future Guildmaster {{mdc|Wigglytuff|2}} while he was still an {{p|Igglybuff}}. Initially reluctant due to Igglybuff's devil-may-care attitude, he takes him on as an apprentice after sensing a powerful intuition from the baby Pokémon, and eventually grows close to the young child. He tends to lampshade many RPG staples, such as traps and bosses, but is just as easily fooled by them. Armaldo is in fact an outlaw, and is caught after clearing the [[Fortune Ravine]]. Igglybuff protests wildly, and is about to unleash a powerful {{m|Hyper Voice}} (the first show of his infamous temper), until Armaldo calms him down and explains the situation; he gives the still-protesting Igglybuff a Defend Globe (the first treasure the pair found on their first adventure) as a gift to remember him by, and willingly gives himself up to the authorities. This story serves as the backdrop for the second special episode, ''Igglybuff the Prodigy''.
===Pokédex entries===