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*7 7 7 - 100 coins
*Three [[Team Galactic]] symbols - 100 coins
*Three [[Poké {{Ball]]|Poké}}s - 2 coins
*Three {{evostone|Moon Stone}}s - 15 coins
*Three {{pkmnp|Pikachu}} - 10 coins
*Three Replays - Replay or 15 coins (in Bonus Round)
As the game is played, occasionally a [[Poké Ball]] will roll up on the Touch Screen. They make the reels "sticky" and guarantee a win, whereas a win is normally impossible if a ball does not appear. The type of win depends on the Ball:
*[[Poké {{Ball]]|Poké}} : Three Poké Balls
*[[Premier {{Ball]]|Premier}}: Three of something Random
*[[Great {{Ball]]|Great}}: Three Replays
*[[Ultra {{Ball]]|Ultra}}: Three Pikachu
*[[Safari {{Ball]]|Safari}}: Three Moon Stones
Randomly, a {{p|Clefairy}} will pop out of the Poké Ball on the touch screen, and can be either a normal one, a {{shiny}} one, or one that appears to be a {{m|Transform}}ed {{p|Ditto}}. Once the Clefairy appears, players must continue spinning the reels until they get a 100-coin bonus. The odds of getting the bonus seem to improve if the slots are activated to the beat of Clefairy's clapping.