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In 2005, Datel released a new device for use with both the [[Nintendo]] [[Game Boy Advance]] and [[Nintendo DS]] called the {{wp|Action Replay Duo}} (also known as the Action Replay Max). This new device enabled users to modify GBA games like the ordinary Action Replay for GBA; however, it also had the ability to save DS games onto a computer using a USB cable. Using this method, users could backup and restore saved game files. However, the device does not recognize any Pokémon save data located in its slot, and has caused much outrage among fans for this reason. Despite numerous updates to the device, there has been no explanation given as to why the device ignores Pokémon games.
==Griseous Orb item problem==
There is a small problem with pokemon black and white that in which using the action replay dsi code for all items does not include the griseous orb in it's item list, and any Griseous Orb's you have obtainet will be overwrited and replaced with 900x Liberty Passes in the item slot. This also happens with 900x Cesteliacones in the item slot as well, but only temporarily. Remember you need to save to have the codes work.
[[Image:Parody legendaries.png|right|frame|The Groudon and Kyogre parodies]]