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<center>Welcome[[File:310Manectric AG anime.png|thumb|300px|My favourite Pokemon is {{p|Manectric}}. Even though {{p|Luxray}} has a higher stat total and has proven itself well in previous Platinum files of mine, it can never live up to mythe awesomeness Bulbapedia'sof Userpage!</center><br>Manectric.]]
{{MessageMy boxname is '''Toon Ganondorf''' and I am a Wikia veteran. I was until recently, the sole bureaucrat on the [ Robot Wars Wiki], a website which I was one of the cornerstone creators and have recorded 17,332 edits. I am also active on the Harry Potter and Call of Duty Wikis.
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|heading=<center>This is a Bulbapedia Userpage.</center>
|message=''Editing my page is strictly prohibited. For more information, see the {{bp|Userspace policy}}. Thanks!''
==About Me==
My name is '''Toon Ganondorf''' and I am a Wikia veteran. I am active on the [ Robot Wars Wiki], a website which I am the sole bureaucrat and have recorded 17,332 edits. I am also sometimes active on the Harry Potter and Call of Duty Wikis.
In real life, I am a law student from Australia, play the saxophone and bike ride.
I have played Red, Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver and White versions. I am a self-confessed cheat-aholic, not because I like cheating my way through the game, but because I like some variety in my Pokemon - for example, Heatmor is not available until Victory Road, and such a cool Pokemon would be a great asset to my team.
When==Pokemon building a team of six, I always try to include the "Primary Four" - Water, Fire, Electric and Psychic. Flying and Fighting are typically inclusions and I always have at least three Dark or Ghost moves in my arsenal. My strategy has always been power, but my most recent Platinum team significantly detracted from that, just as it and my latest SoulSilver team detracted from my Primary Four.Thoughts==
Sorry that these are all going to be bad, but I could go on for years about what I do like.
My===The favouriteBad Pokemon(things isI {{p|Manectric}}. Even though {{p|Luxray}} has a higher stat total and has proven itself well in previous Platinum files of mine, it can never live up to the awesomeness of Manectric. Maybe its the yellow.dislike)===
*[[Georgia]]'s committment to being a "Dragon Buster" in a region where the National Dex does not exist and only three Dragons can possibly be captured. Will be worse if the National Dex isn't brought in.
*Iris's "little kid" comment.
*Trip aka [[Paul]]. Could be worse, Paul was a good rival.
*Stephan aka [[Morrison]]. Could be worse because Stephan is a contrast to Bianca and Trip.
*{{p|Scraggy}} - finally created a {{t|Dark}}/{{type|Fighting}} and this puny runt is what we get? [[Ash's Scraggy|Ash getting one]] is certainly not a good one either.
*The new {{TRT}} outlook on life. I miss camp James and comical Jessie who got beaten down on but we teared up for when they came through to help Ash, who we all know they have grown very attached to.
===The Stupid (things that are mistakes)===
*In ''[[BW006|Dreams by the Yard Full!]]'', Ash arrives at the Striaton City Pokémon Center. As he hands his Pokémon over the counter, he addresses the Nurse Joy as the one whom he met at Accumula Town. However, she corrects him, telling him that she is the older sister of the Joy at Accumula Town. '''Apparently his journeys over the last 13 years have been erased and he's still not learned that there is more than one Nurse Joy'''.
*Morrison's main Pokémon being {{TP|Morrison|Metang}} whilst [[Tyson]] has a {{p|Metagross}}.
*[[Dino]]'s team for [[Club Battle]] - this tough looking bikie with sweet hair and vest has a Deerling, the generic bird already used in the tournament and Darumaka, whose evolution was knocked out in Round 1?
*{{AP|Tepig}} was abandoned by his trainer? [[Ash's Charmander|We haven't heard]] [[Ash's Infernape|that before!]]
*[[Ash's Tranquill]] - [[Ash's Pidgeotto|Sound]] [[Ash's Swellow|familiar]]? [[Ash's Staraptor|It should!]]
*{{p|Porygon-Z}} - like we needed another one of these...
*{{p|Chingling}} - making a puny Pokémon even punier
===And we're still waiting===
The following Pokémon need to get evolutions in a future generation, or their very existence is pointless.
*{{p|Dunsparce}} - a Normal/Dragon would do very very nicely here.
*{{p|Luvdisc}} - why create {{p|Alomomola}}?
==Articles in Progress==
So far, I have drastically improved on or written the following pages:
===Improved - Ash's Pokémon===
*[[Ash's Bayleef]]
*[[Ash's Muk]]
*[[Ash's Butterfree]]
*[[Ash's Pidgeot]]
*[[Ash's HeracrossBulbasaur]]
*[[BrockAsh's GeodudeCharizard]]
*[[BrockAsh's ForretressSquirtle]]
*[[Brock's Vulpix]]
*[[MistyAsh's StarmieKingler]]
*[[Ash's Muk]]
*[[Ash's Tauros]]
*[[Ash's Snorlax]]
*[[EP256‎Ash's Heracross]]
*[[Misty's Goldeen]]
*[[Ash's Bayleef]]
*[[Ash's Quilava]]
*[[Ash's Totodile]]
*[[Ash's Bulbasaur]]
*[[Gary's Umbreon]]
*[[Brock's Onix]]
*[[Ash's Squirtle]]
*[[Ash's Noctowl]]
*[[Ash's Donphan]]
*[[Gary's Blastoise]]
*[[Ash's Swellow]]
*[[Ash's Torkoal]]
*[[Ash's Glalie]]
===Improved - Ash's friends' and rivals' Pokémon===
*[[Misty's Starmie]]
*[[Misty's Goldeen]]
*[[Brock's Geodude]]
*[[Brock's Forretress]]
*[[Brock's Vulpix]]
*[[Brock's Onix]]
*[[Gary's Umbreon]]
*[[Gary's Blastoise]]
*[[Paul's Magmortar]]
*[[Paul's Torterra]]
*[[Ash's Swellow]]
*[[Harrison's Blaziken]]
===Improved - Anime Episodes===
*[[EP249|I Politoed Ya So!]]
*[[EP256|Just Add Water‎]]
*[[EP259|Entei at Your Own Risk]]
*[[EP260|A Crowning Achievement]]
*[[BW040|Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!]]
*[[BW041|The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!]]
**Ruby and Sapphire remakes will be called '''LavaRuby''' and '''OceanSapphire'''.
**Ash and Trip will be the final battle in the Unova League. Ash will win and then challenge and lose to [[Alder]].
===04:53, 14 November 2011 (UTC)===
**Gary and Umbreon will reappear in the Black and White anime. There is a reason that Umbreon was shown in ''[[BW004|The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!]]''.
**Iris will capture a {{p|Druddigon}}, but something will set it apart from the others. It will be different in the way that {{AP|Noctowl}}, {{TP|Tracey|Scyther}} or {{AP|May|Squirtle}}.
|move4=FocusBrick BlastBreak
|ability=Motor Drive
|move1=ThunderboltWild Charge
|move2=OverheatFlame Charge
|move3=Charge Beam