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Pokémon in Greater China

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With the exception of [[side story episodes]], the infamous ''[[EP038|Electric Soldier Porygon]]'' (電腦戰士3D龍<!--Official translation-->) and the [[Clip show|clip shows]], all episodes prior to the [[Best Wishes series]] have been dubbed into Mandarin. The first thirteen [[Pokémon movie|Pokémon movies]] have also premiered in Taiwan, with [[M13|the thirteenth movie]] released just 20 days after the Japanese premiere. The [[M14|fourteenth movie]] premiered August 19, 2011. ''Black Hero'' was shown in MOD, while ''White Hero'' was released in theaters. In January 2011, MOD had released the first four episodes of the Best Wishes series, and has continued to release four new episodes on the last Friday of every month. However, no episodes where released in MOD during August, possibly due to YoYoTV overtaking MOD, having broadcasted all the way to the [[BW040|40th episode]]. MOD has resumed releasing four more episodes on September, and four more episodes subsequently. Currently, it has released a total of 40 episodes from the Best Wishes series.
In Hong Kong, all episodes prior to [[Best Wishes series]] (寵物小精靈:超級願望) have aired. [[Best Wishes series]] is scheduled to air on November 19, 2011.
In mainland China, Pokémon anime returned after three years of hiatus when the Diamond and Pearl series (精灵宝可梦 DP:钻石与珍珠) premiered on July 3, 2011.