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How many edits do new users have to make before they can make their own userspace? [[User:Arceuscl405|Arceuscl405]] 22:15, 8 July 2011 (UTC)
:Put your main focus on the mainspace as the number of edits is secret. Just keep making good edits and it'll appear. --[[Special:Contributions/CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#00AF33;">'''☆'''</span>]][[User:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#0098d9;">'''Cool'''</span>]][[User talk:CoolPikachu!|<span style="color:#F8D030;">'''Pikachu!'''</span>]] 22:28, 8 July 2011 (UTC)
::Just make sure that you don't try to get your userpage edit rights by making numerous minor edits. (That's the lazy man's way of doing it!) 10 minor edits contribute to the mainspace a lot less than 10 major edits. Trust me, I know this. I have a userpage that I just got and I won't edit until the userpage restriction is lifted from 1 edit per day to 3 edits per day. That way, I can complete it a lot faster than if I started now. '''[[User:Pikachu9000|<span style="color:orange">'''Pikachu'''</span>]][[User talk:Pikachu9000|<span style="color:blue">'''9000'''</span>]]''' 02:06, 20 July 2011 (UTC)
== Hmm... ==