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Ghost World

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Intro: "world of spirits" isn't capitalized in the dex entry. Don't know about "spirit world" since that was in the anime, but we don't capitalize it on Dusknoir's page in its Dex entry. Ideally CC should be checked
[[File:Ghost World BW026.png|thumb|250px|The portal to the Ghost World in Litwick Mansion]]
The '''Ghost World''' or '''Spiritspirit Worldworld''' (Japanese: '''れいかい''' ''Spirit World''), also refered to as the '''Worldworld of Spiritsspirits''', is a plane of existence depicted in the anime and mentioned in the games. It is known to be home to several [[ghost]]s and {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon, most notably {{p|Dusknoir}}. It is also known to emit electrical or radio waves.
==In the games==