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Easterly Town

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'''Easterly Town''' (Japanese: '''イーストタウン''' ''East Town'') is the second town accessible in [[Pokémon Rumble Blast]], located in [[Sun-Dappled Bank]]. It is available after beating the [[Battle Royale]] in 1-4, [[Challenger's Ground]], and contains a move vendor with {{m|SolarBeam}}, a move-a-majig, and a {{p|Munna}} who can be given Passwords. It also contains the {{p|Rattata}} who hosts the [[Battle Locale]]. It also contains all the normal facilitates, such as a two-player co-op machine, a release point, and many others.
Easterly Town can be re-visited by going through region near it and finding sleeping {{p|Drilbur}}, who will wake up out of surprise and dig a hole leading to Easterly Town. Likewise, there will be holes in Easterly Town leading to the region Drilbur was found. The player can also press start and "Return to Town".