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Westerly Town

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*Glowing Fountain: The fountain heals the player when you have low HP, as it has Glowdrops.
*Move Vendor: Fire Blast for 300,000Ⓟ.
*Move Swapper: Swap moves between A and B for 15,000Ⓟ.
*Two-Player: Here, the player can share their Mii names, [[Nintendo 3DS]] user names, etc. The original Toy Trainer's name may be shown to the player being communicated with. The player can also recruit other players, or search for other players.
*Information: The player can check their play info, battle(s) info, switch info, battle records, misc info, money acquired, money spent, information about the [[Battle Royale]]s the player took part in, team battle data, and Top Defeated Pokémon.