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Giant (EP029)

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|desc=Hitmonlee is Giant's only known Pokémon. It was seen walking with Giant before Jessie tied him up and used Hitmonlee during the tournament. Hitmonlee's first match in the tournament was [[Brock's Geodude]], but due to it taking a lot of damage, Brock threw in the towel. Hitmonlee later defeated a {{p|Machoke}} and {{ka|Anthony}}'s {{p|Hitmonchan}}, though unfairly. Hitmonlee, however, got defeated by {{AP|Primeape}} under Ash's and Anthony's guidance. It is unknown if Hitmonlee was returned to Giant.
Hitmonlee's only known movesmove areis {{m|MegaHi Jump Kick}}{{tt|*|Dub only}}incorrectly andreferred {{m|Hito Jumpthis Kick}}{{tt|*|Japaneseas versionMega onlyKick}}.}}
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