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* The incident also caused ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'' and ''[[EP053|The Purr-fect Hero]]'' to be rescheduled from March 3 and May 5, 1998, respectively, to July 9, 1998.
* Before the series restarted, a special report was aired on April 11, 1998 titled 検証番組 アニメ ポケットモンスター問題検証報告 ''Inspection program: inspection report of the anime Pocket Monsters problem''.
* Despite {{AP|Pikachu}} being the one to launch the seizure causing attack, {{p|Porygon}} has never had an important role in another episode since. (It should be noted that Pikachu has appeared in every Pokémon episode to date, barring [[Pokémon Chronicles]]). Its evolved form, {{p|Porygon2}}, is the only one out of the one hundred [[Generation II]] Pokémon that hasn't appeared in the anime and many believe that it never will. Also, Porygon's final form, {{p|Porygon-Z}}, has never appeared either, and Porygon-Z is currently the only [[Generation IV]] Pokémon that hasn't appeared in the anime or movies. Porygon has appeared in the first four films, and "''[[EP047|A Chansey Situation"Operation]]'' as cameos however.
* After Pikachu attempts to shock the floating head, Misty's hair is a darker shade.