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The '''Global Battle Union''' (Japanese: '''グローバルバトルユニオン''' ''Global Battle Union''), alsocommonly knownshortened as theto '''GBU''', is a part of the [[Pokémon Global Link]] that recordsdisplays battle records data from the Random Matchup Rating Mode in {{game|Black and White|s}}.<!--It started in August 2011.-->
In order to access the Global Battle Union, a player must have a Pokémon Global Link account. Rankings cannot even be seen without logging ontointo the site first.
Every season, once a player has completed ten Random Matchup [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection|Wi-Fi]] {{pkmn|battle}}s (ties and incomplete battles do not count) of any format, they are added into the ranking system of the Global Battle Union. All players are ranked according to the number of points that they have. The points are generally intended to account for the win-loss record of that player.
In addition to seeing the general rankings and points of other players, players can also view an "advanced" version of their own rankings by clicking a "details" button on the page. Rankings, along with other information, can be transferred when using another [[Nintendo DS]] systemconsole by transferring Wi-Fi Connection settings.
Besides being able to see the overall rankings of each player, rankings can also be filtered by battle format (Single, Double, Triple, Launcher, or Rotation Battles) as well as by location of the player.
Every three months, the Global Battle Union ends a season on a Tuesday, and aan systemextended maintenance session of the whole Pokémon Global Link is scheduled before the start and endday of a season interchange. The following day, a Wednesday, a new season will begin. Final rankings are released two to three weeks after a season ends. Once a new season starts, eachplayers player startsstart over with zero points.
Listed below are all of the Global Battle Union seasons that have been scheduled:
In addition to its ranking system, the Global Battle Union serves as the venue for tournament registration. A Digital Player ID is given after registering via the Battle Competition in the main menu of {{game|Black and White|s}}. AThe [[Battle Box]] is used for the party to be used in the competition, which is then registered and locked. The Battle Box Pokémon (even the order of their moves) may not be changed while the competition is on-going. Choosing the Battle Competition option again will allow players to participate in battles for the competition. Players can only cancel participation via the Battle Competition option, not the Global Battle Union.
To date, the Battle Union has hosted the following competitions:
**Release of rankings: November 1, 2011
**Maximum Number of Participants: 35,000 (initially 10,000)
**Rules: [[Double battle|Double Battle]] (no [[Wonder Launcher]]), four Pokémon per battle (six may be entered into the competition as a whole), [[Flat Battle|flat]] level of 50, 1 minute to choose as action each turn, 30 minute time limit per match, [[List of Pokémon by Unova Pokédex number|Unova Pokédex]] only (excluding {{p|Victini}}, {{p|Reshiram}}, {{p|Zekrom}}, {{p|Kyurem}}, {{p|Keldeo}}, {{p|Meloetta}} and {{p|Genesect}})., Pokémon cannot use {{m|Sky Drop}}
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