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'''Easterly Town''' (Japanese: '''イーストタウン''' ''East Town'') is the second town accessible in [[PokemonPokémon Rumble Blast]], located in [[Sun-Dappled Bank]]. It is available after beating the [[Battle Royale]] in 1-4, [[Challenger's Ground]], and contains a move vendor with [[Solarbeam]]{{m|SolarBeam}}, a move-a-majig, and a [[{{p|Munna]]}} who you can givebe given Passwords. to.It also contains the [[{{p|Rattata]]}} who hosts the [[Battle Locale]]. It also contains all the normal facilitates, such as a two-player co-op machine, a release point, and many others.
Easterly Town can be revisited by going through region near it and finding sleeping {{p|Drilbur}}, who will wake up out of surprise and dig a hole leading to Easterly Town. Likewise, there will be holes in Easterly Town leading to the region Drilbur was found. The player can also press start and "Return to Town".
*'''Glowing Fountain''': The fountain heals the player's Pokémon, as it has Glowdrops.
*'''Move Vendor''': SolarBeam for 300,000Ⓟ.
*'''Move-a-majig''': Obtain a random move up to ★★. Cost changes depending on the power level of the Pokémon being used.
*'''Two-Player''': The player can share Mii names, [[Nintendo 3DS]] user names, etc. The original Toy Trainer's name may be shown to the player being communicated with. The player can also recruit other players, or search for other players.
*'''Information''': The player can check their play info, battle(s) info, switch info, battle records, misc info, money acquired, money spent, information about the [[Battle Royale]]s the player took part in, team battle data, and Top Defeated Pokémon.
*'''Collection''': The player can check the Pokémon they found in different areas.
*'''Shopscope''': The player can peek at the Toy Shop, where their Mii will be standing, looking at the Pokémon. The player can also invite another player to come to the Toy Shop, as well as activate StreetPass. Additionally, the player can look at their collection, which consists of the Pokémon befriended in battle. Using the Stylus, the player can edit their greeting, the default being, "Hello!" The player has a card which has the player's greeting, most powerful Pokémon, power of the player's collection, time played, and the number of team Pokémon the player has. On the back, the player can check how much money is owned, total power, how much Pokémon has been befriended, attacks, Pokémon switches, and StreetPass hits.
*'''Launch Pad''': A Launch Pad is found in the town, heading back to [[Toy Town]], and later [[Westerly Town]], [[Northerly Town]], and [[Axle Town]].
==NPC Pokémon==
{| width="150px" style="margin:auto; background:#{{grass color}}; border:3px solid #{{grass color dark}}; {{roundy|15px}}"
! colspan="2" style="background:#{{grass color light}}; {{roundytop}}" | NPC Pokémon
|- style="background:#FFF"
| width="40px" | {{MSP|194|Wooper}}
| {{p|Wooper}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
| width="40px" | {{MSP|536|Palpitoad}}
| {{p|Palpitoad}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
| width="40px" | {{MSP|270|Lotad}}
| {{p|Lotad}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
| width="40px" | {{MSP|532|Timburr}}
| {{p|Timburr}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
| width="40px" | {{MSP|517|Munna}}
| {{p|Munna}}
| width="40px" style="background:#FFF; {{roundybl}}" | {{MSP|543|Venipede}}
| style="background:#FFF; {{roundybr}}" | {{p|Venipede}}<br>
===Password Munna===
{{main|Pokémon Rumble Blast#Passwords}}
A {{p|Munna}} in Easterly Town will take passwords from the player and unlock special Pokémon.
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