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Zukan DP13

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'''Zukan DP13''' is the fourteenth collection of figures in the [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|DP]] Edition of [[Pokémon Zukan figures]]. It encompasses five different capsules, most depicting Pokémon added in the [[Generation IV|fourth generation]].
==Set list==<gallery>
;[[MediaFile:Zukan DP13 Capsule 1.png|Capsule One]]<br>{{p|Chikorita}}, {{p|Bayleef}} and {{p|Meganium}}
File:Zukan DP13 Capsule 2.png|Capsule Two<br>{{p|Cyndaquil}}, {{p|Quilava}} and {{p|ChikoritaTyphlosion}}
File:Zukan DP13 Capsule 3.png|Capsule Three<br>{{p|Totodile}}, {{p|Croconaw}} and {{p|BayleefFeraligatr}}
File:Zukan DP13 Capsule 4.png|Capsule Four<br>{{p|Glameow}} and {{p|MeganiumPurugly}}
;[[MediaFile:Zukan DP13 Capsule 25.png|Capsule Two]]Five<br>{{p|Chingling}}, {{p|Chimecho}} and {{p|Spiritomb}}
;[[Media:Zukan DP13 Capsule 3.png|Capsule Three]]
;[[Media:Zukan DP13 Capsule 4.png|Capsule Four]]
;[[Media:Zukan DP13 Capsule 5.png|Capsule Five]]