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[[Image:Monster Collection logo.png{{move|thumb|250px|right|''Monster Collection'' fifth generation logo]]Moncollé}}
'''[[File:Monster Collection''' (Japanese: logo.png|thumb|250px|right|'''モンスターコレクション''') is a line of collectible [[Pokémon]] figures produced by [[Takara Tomy]] in Japan. Also known as simplyMonster Collection'Tomy Figures', they are standard PVC models of each Pokémon. There is at least one of every Pokémon, except fifth generation Pokémon which are still in production. logo]]
'''Monster Collection''' (Japanese: '''モンスターコレクション''' ''Monster Collection'') is a line of collectible [[Pokémon]] figures produced by [[Takara Tomy]] in Japan. Also known as simply 'Tomy Figures', they are standard PVC models of each Pokémon. There is at least one of every Pokémon, except while the newest line is still in production.
[[File:New Pikachu MC.png|thumb|130px|right|Pikachu ''Monster Collection'' figure]]
In Japan, theyMonster Collection figures can be purchased at many stores, and of course theincluding [[Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center]]s itself sellswhere all of the current figures are sold for ¥294 Yeneach. The USA [[Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center]] may also sellssell thema atselection $4.95of each,Monster butCollection does not stock many and mainly has the fourth generation Pokémon available rather than old generationsfigures. They also offer special 'Bundles' of them as well.
The [[Hasbro]] equivalents that were sold worldwide were known as '''[[Battle Figures]]'''.
==SetsMain sets==
Each new '''Monster Collection''' set coincides with a new [[generation]] of Pokémon, and so will beis named accordingly here.
===First Generation - released 1998===
<gallery>{{main|MC First Generation}}
File:MC01 Charizard.jpg|01 {{p|Charizard}}
File:MC02 Venusaur.jpg|02 {{p|Venusaur}}
File:MC03 Blastoise.jpg|03 {{p|Blastoise}}
File:MC04 Nidoking.jpg|04 {{p|Nidoking}}
File:MC05 Clefairy.jpg|05 {{p|Clefairy}}
File:MC06 Pikachu.jpg|06 {{p|Pikachu}}
File:MC07 Moltres.jpg|07 {{p|Moltres}}
File:MC08 Articuno.jpg|08 {{p|Articuno}}
File:MC09 Zapdos.jpg|09 {{p|Zapdos}}
File:MC10 Dragonite.jpg|10 {{p|Dragonite}}
File:MC11 Gyarados.jpg|11 {{p|Gyarados}}
File:MC12 Mewtwo.jpg|12 {{p|Mewtwo}}
File:MC13 Snorlax.jpg|13 {{p|Snorlax}}
File:MC14 Electabuzz.jpg|14 {{p|Electabuzz}}
File:MC15 Lapras.jpg|15 {{p|Lapras}}
File:MC16 Squirtle.jpg|16 {{p|Squirtle}}
File:MC17 Raichu.jpg|17 {{p|Raichu}}
File:MC-18 Eevee.jpg|18 {{p|Eevee}}
File:MC19 Mew.jpg|19 {{p|Mew}}
File:MC20 Vulpix.jpg|20 {{p|Vulpix}}
File:MC21 Jigglypuff.jpg|21 {{p|Jigglypuff}}
File:MC22 Charmander.jpg|22 {{p|Charmander}}
File:MC23 Flareon.jpg|23 {{p|Flareon}}
File:MC24 Poliwhirl.jpg|24 {{p|Poliwhirl}}
File:MC25 Chansey.jpg|25 {{p|Chansey}}
File:MC26 Porygon.jpg|26 {{p|Porygon}}
File:MC-27 Gengar.jpg|27 {{p|Gengar}}
File:MC28 Wigglytuff.jpg|28 {{p|Wigglytuff}}
File:MC29 Abra.jpg|29 {{p|Abra}}
File:MC30 Meowth.jpg|30 {{p|Meowth}}
File:MC31 Clefable.jpg|31 {{p|Clefable}} and a [[Poké Doll]]
File:MC32 Cubone.jpg|32 {{p|Cubone}} and a [[Thick Club]]
File:MC33 Farfetch'd.jpg|33 {{p|Farfetch'd}} and a [[Stat-enhancing_item#Stick|Stick]]
File:MC34 Scyther.jpg|34 {{p|Scyther}} and a [[Poké Ball]]
File:MC35 Vaporeon.jpg|35 {{p|Vaporeon}} and a [[Great Ball|Super Ball]]
File:MC36 Jolteon.jpg|36 {{p|Jolteon}} and a [[Master Ball]]
File:MC37 Omastar.jpg|37 {{p|Omastar}} and a [[Helix Fossil]]
File:MC38 Kabutops.jpg|38 {{p|Kabutops}} and a [[Dome Fossil]]
File:MC40 Metapod Butterfree.jpg|40 {{p|Metapod}} and {{p|Butterfree}}
File:MC41 Kakuna Beedrill.jpg|41 {{p|Kakuna}} and {{p|Beedrill}}
File:MC42 Geodude Golem.jpg|42 {{p|Geodude}} and {{p|Golem}}
File:MC43 Psyduck Golduck.jpg|43 {{p|Psyduck}} and {{p|Golduck}}
File:MC44 Seel Dewgong.jpg|44 {{p|Seel}} and {{p|Dewgong}}
File:MC46 Rattata Raticate.jpg|46 {{p|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}}
File:MC47 Slowpoke Slowbro.jpg|47 {{p|Slowpoke}} and {{p|Slowbro}}
File:MC48 Growlithe Arcanine.jpg|48 {{p|Growlithe}} and {{p|Arcanine}}
File:MC49 Horsea Seadra.jpg|49 {{p|Horsea}} and {{p|Seadra}}
File:MC50 Poliwag Poliwrath.jpg|50 {{p|Poliwag}} and {{p|Poliwrath}}
File:MC51 Venonat Venomoth.jpg|51 {{p|Venonat}} and {{p|Venomoth}}
File:MC52 Hitmonchan Hitmonlee.jpg|52 {{p|Hitmonchan}} and {{p|Hitmonlee}}
File:MC53 Gloom Vileplume.jpg|53 {{p|Gloom}} and {{p|Vileplume}}
File:MC54 Mankey Primeape.jpg|54 {{p|Mankey}} and {{p|Primeape}}
File:MC55 Machop Machamp.jpg|55 {{p|Machop}} and {{p|Machamp}}
File:MC56 Pidgey Pidgeot.jpg|56 {{p|Pidgey}} and {{p|Pidgeot}}
File:MC57 Ekans Arbok.jpg|57 {{p|Ekans}} and {{p|Arbok}}
File:MC59 Drowzee Hypno.jpg|59 {{p|Drowzee}} and {{p|Hypno}}
File:MC60 Jynx Mr. Mime.jpg|60 {{p|Jynx}} and {{p|Mr. Mime}}
File:MC-61 Surfing Pikachu.jpg|61 [[Surfing Pikachu]]
File:MC67 Doduo Dodrio.jpg|67 {{p|Doduo}} and {{p|Dodrio}}
File:MC Totodile.jpg|{{p|Totodile}}
File:MC84 Cyndaquil.jpg|84 {{p|Cyndaquil}}
File:MC85 Snubbull.jpg|85 {{p|Snubbull}}
File:MC91 Bayleef Meganium.jpg|91 {{p|Bayleef}} and {{p|Meganium}}
File:MC92 Croconaw Feraligatr.jpg|92 {{p|Croconaw}} and {{p|Feraligatr}}
File:MC93 Quilava Typhlosion.jpg|93 {{p|Quilava}} and {{p|Typhlosion}}
===Second Generation - released 2004===
===Fourth Generation===
{{main|MC Fourth Generation}}
The fourth generation packaging reverts back to the previous generation packaging. The top of the packaging is red, with a {{i|Poké Ball}} on the top left. Behind the Pokémon is a white background with a faint background effect. On the left side is a black column with the text 'Pocket Monsters' on it using the background coloring. The number is on a black and white sticker on the front of the box.
===Fifth Generation===
{{main|MC Fifth Generation}}
The fifth generation packaging is similar to last generation's packaging but yellow. The right side of the packaging is black with a Poké Ball at the side right side of the logo in the middle.
===Sixth Generation===
{{main|MC Sixth Generation}}
===Special releases===
A variety of figures have been released promotionally and thus have not been sold in stores. These are generally to promote movies or other events.
File:MC Special Red Gyarados.jpg|[[Red Gyarados]]
File:MC Special Ho-Oh.jpg|{{p|Ho-Oh}}
File:MC Special Lugia.jpg|{{p|Lugia}}
File:MC Movie Zorua.jpg|{{p|Zorua}}
File:MC Movie Zoroark.jpg|{{p|Zoroark}}
File:MC Movie Arceus.jpg|{{p|Arceus}}
File:MC Movie Celebi.jpg|{{p|Celebi}}
File:MC Movie Zekrom.jpg|{{p|Zekrom}}
File:MC Movie Palkia clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Palkia}}
File:MC Movie Pichu clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Pichu}}
File:MC Movie Regigigas clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Regigigas}}
File:MC Movie Reshiram clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Reshiram}}
File:MC Movie Victini clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Victini}}
File:MC Movie Arceus clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Arceus}}
File:MC Movie Zorua clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Zorua}}
File:MC Movie Zoroark clear.jpg|Clear {{p|Zoroark}}
File:MC Special Slowking.jpg|{{p|Slowking}}
==Moncolle plus==
{{main|Moncolle plus}}
Moncolle plus is a special line of Monster Collection figures released in June 2009 that can be trained to grow stronger thanks to the electronics they contain. The figures communicate with a number of related toys that can view their data, increase their abilities, and conduct battles between figures.
==Moncollé Get==
{{main|Moncollé Get}}
Moncollé Get is a special line of collectible figures sold as blind purchases. The base of these figures features a Special [[QR Code]] that can be read by the Pokémon games and a bar code that can be read by other Tomy toys.
Moncollé-EX is a line of figures that were released concurrently with the [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]] games.
==External links==
*[ Takara Tomy Pokémon ''Diamond & Pearl'' series ''Monster Collection'' Site (Japanese)]
*[ Takara Tomy Pokémon ''Best Wishes!'' series ''Monster Collection'' Site (Japanese)]
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