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hp: 440
though most of his stats suck for his level hes way better than level 100 pokemon, especially with that killer attack. {{unsigned|Chipan}}
I don't know how writing stuff out on bulbapedia works and I'm new and I tried to catch and withdraw a level 1 Nidoking from Pokemon Yellow to test out the EXP Underflow glitch and my game locked up. I don't know why it did that. It shouldn't have. Can anyone tell me the cause of it? If I keep my Pikachu's Growl 6 times instead of using Thunderbolt on a Slowpoke like normally would and bring Mew down to level 1 and then try to withdraw him will the game do the same thing it did when I tried to get out my level 1 Nidoking? Where do these glitched Pokemon come from? Do they just magically appear? What if this were like real life? It'd sound weird, wouldn't it?