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== {{u|Sunain}} ==
This user is a pain in the neck when it comes to the TCG expansion {{TCG|Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky}}. Sunain claims that the name is blatantly wrong simply because [[Pokébeach]] (who came up with [[Dawn Dash (TCG)|"Night Dashing"]], a blatantly wrong translation for Dawn Dash) uses it. Sunain insists that "Fierce Fighting in Broken Space" is the only name we should use for that set. However, there is absolutely no evidence that "Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky" is blatantly wrong (look at the similarities between IFDS and FFBS), yet Sunain ignores this and an edit war ensued on both the set page and on [[Template:TCG Expansions]].
I brought in [[User:Double Dash|an expert in Japanese set name translations]] who cleared up the whole "[[Moonlit Pursuit (TCG)|Moon Hunting]]/Night Dashing" issue. This expert believes "IFDS" is not blatantly wrong, additionally citing that the one who coined the JPN DP4 names is not the same person who coined IFDS. Sunain ignored this and continued to insist IFDS is blatantly wrong.