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*No {{ct|Darkness}} Pokémon are released as {{TCG|Dark Pokémon}}. Pokémon that appear as dual-typed {{type2|Dark}} Pokémon in the games are given the TCG type corresponding to their other type as Dark Pokémon, with the examples of {{TCG ID|Neo Destiny|Dark Houndoom|7}}, a {{ct|Fire}}, and {{TCG ID|Neo Destiny|Dark Tyranitar|11}}, which is {{ct|Fighting}}, while single-type Dark Pokémon (at the time there was only {{p|Umbreon}}) do not feature as Dark Pokémon. This "rule" was later completely reversed in the EX series, where ''most'' Dark Pokémon are dual-typed with their normal type.
*Much like the {{TCG|Team Rocket}} expansion, only the {{type2|Fire}} and {{type2|Water}} starter Pokémon of the generation became {{TCG|Dark Pokémon}}. Unlike what was the case with Ivysaur and Venusaur, which later received Dark variants as promo cards, there has never been a Dark Bayleef or Dark Meganium.
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