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Ash's Raticate

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[[File:ButticateTrade.png|thumb|left|200px|Butterfree being traded for Raticate]]
A {{tc|Gentleman}} aboard the St. Anne was challenging {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to {{pkmn|battle}} his {{p|Raticate}}. Ash battled it with his {{AP|Butterfree}}. Raticate's powerful {{m|Super Fang}} and {{m|Hi Jump Kick}} attacks were no match for Butterfree, who paralyzed it with {{m|Stun Spore}}. Before Ash could order it to finish it off, however, the Gentleman forfeited, saying that Butterfree has shown how strong it is (although he could've just been concerned about Raticate). Afterwards, the Gentleman revealed that he was so impressed with Butterfree that he wanted to [[trade]] his Raticate for it. Ash, being impressed with the Raticate, and having asked Brock for advice, at which he told Ash he should trade (however, given that Brock was a little preoccupied with a woman at the moment, he may not have done this consciously), and so the two traded their Pokémon. However impressed Ash was with Raticate, he only used it once, mistakenly calling it out when he wanted to use his Butterfree's Stun Spore to help fight against the swarm of {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s on board, as he had momentarily forgotten the trade had happened. Because he missed his Butterfree and he worried about how the Gentleman would treat it, he realized that the trade had been a bad idea and he would rather have his original Pokémon back. He wanted this so badly that he traded the Raticate back while the [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]] was sinking, causing him and his friends to be trapped inside as it sank into the depths.
Because Ash only owned it for less than an entire episode, little can be said about Raticate itself. There is not enough known about it to even distinguish it from other Raticate, apart from the fact that it can use Jump Kick, a technique that cannot be learned by other Raticate, and that it is, in general, a strong Pokémon.