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The city is guarded by the {{pkmn2|legendary}} Eon Pokémon {{mov|Latias|Latias|5}} and {{mov|Latios|Latios|5}}. Many other species of Pokémon can be found in Alto Mare, including {{p|Pidgey}}, {{p|Yanma}}, {{p|Murkrow}}, {{p|Quagsire}}, {{p|Chinchou}} and {{p|Remoraid}}.
[[File:Alto Mare guardians.png|thumb|220px|right|The guardians of Alto Mare]]
The [[Tour de Alto Mare]], a water chariot race, is held annually. Trainers race on floating platforms pulled by their Pokémon. One year, the competition was won by {{an|Misty}} and her {{TP|Misty|Corsola}}. Winners are awarded a medal, depicting Latias and Latios.
It is also the site of Alto Mare Museum, where it exhibits the [[Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare]] (DMA). The fossil of pre-historic Pokémon, such as {{p|Aerodactyl}} and {{p|Kabutops}} can also be seen in the museum's floor. [[Lorenzo]] and his daughter, {{mov|Bianca}}, are the caretakers of the museum.