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Shining Darkness (TCG)

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''Pokemon Card Game DP: Shining Darkness'' is the name given to the third Japanese expansion of cards and [[Theme Deck]]s to feature [[Generation IV]] [[Pokémon]] of [[Sinnoh]].
=Set Sizesize=
*Unknown number of cards in English release
*129 cards in Japanese release
*35th Japanese release
=Release Datesdates=
*5th July 2007 - Japanese Expansion
*Because of the close ties to the movie, [[Nintendo]] may decide to delay the English set until the movie release (estimated to be in February 2008) in a similar fashion to [[EX Deoxys (TCG)|EX Deoxys]], meaning ''Pokemon Card Game DP4'' may be the third English Generation IV Expansion.
=Half Decksdecks=
*[[Dialga Lv. X Half Deck (TCG)|Dialga Lv. X]]
*[[Palkia Lv. X Half Deck (TCG)|Palkia Lv. X]]
==English Expansionexpansion==
*Currently Unknownunknown
==Japanese Expansionexpansion==
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