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In ''[[BW036|Archeops In The Modern World!]]'', Iris sent out Emolga, alongside [[Ash's Tranquill]], to help a revived {{p|Archen}} learn to fly. She started off by using {{m|Attract}} which failed, revealing that Archen was also female. After being pecked on the head, Emolga used Volt Switch to leave and send out [[Cilan's Stunfisk]] while she slept in a tree.
[[File:EmolgamadIris Emolga angered.png|thumb|left|240px|Emolga when mad]]
In [[BW040]], Iris used Emolga to battle [[Yoshihiko]] in the [[Don Battle]] tournament. Using her powerful moves, she managed to defeat his {{p|Watchog}} and allowed Iris to advance in the competition. In the [[BW041|next episode]] Iris used Emolga again to battle [[Stephan]] and his {{p|Sawk}}. In the battle, Emolga took heavy damage from Sawk's physical attacks, and her ability was revealed to be {{a|Static}}. Emolga used this [[ability]], along with the side effect of {{m|Close Combat}}, to dramatically slow down Sawk to the point of complete immobilization. She then defeated Sawk with a powerful {{m|Volt Switch}} attack and allowed Iris to continue the tournament.