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====Special abilities====
[[File:Phione to water.png|thumb|rightleft|Phione going in the drain]]
Phione's abilities are similar to Manaphy's, but weaker. Phione is unable to use a number of attacks that Manaphy is able to learn, most notably: {{m|Tail Glow}}, {{m|Heart Swap}}, {{m|Hyper Beam}}, or {{m|Giga Impact}}. Phione are supposedly able to create a dew that cures all {{status|ailments}}. Phione also has the ability to {{m|Acid Armor|melt}} its body into water and change its body into a more liquid state similar to {{p|Vaporeon}}.
==In the anime==
[[Image:Phione anime.png|thumb|210px250px|Multiple Phione in the anime]]
Multiple Phione made their debut appearance in the anime in ''[[DP113|Hold the Phione!]]'' where one was attracted to [[Dawn's Buneary]].