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Ash then sends out {{AP|Staraptor}} to battle Drapion next. Drapion uses Pin Missile, which Staraptor effectively dodges with its high speed. It then comes down with an {{m|Aerial Ace}}, which Drapion manages to dodge at the last second, and captures Staraptor like it did with Buizel. Drapion uses {{m|Cross Poison}} on the trapped Staraptor, and then Drapion throws Staraptor onto the ground, poisoning it with the remnants of Toxic Spikes, thus knocking out Staraptor.
Ash then sends out {{AP|Torterra}} next, and Torterra feels the effect of the Toxic Spikes instantaneously. Drapion uses Cross Poison on Torterra, and Torterra sends Drapion away with {{m|Energy Ball}}. Ash quickly attacks again with {{m|Leaf Storm}}, hitting Drapion again. Paul instructs Drapion to use Pin Missile to counter the Leaf Storm, which end up neutralizing each other. Torterra comes out of the smoke with a {{m|Rock Climb}}, but is grabbed by Drapion when he is just about to attack and uses {{m|Poison Fang}} on Torterra. Torterra uses {{m|Synthesis}} to gain back some energy and Drapion comes to attack with Pin Missile, again, hitting Torterra and knocking it out, leaving Ash with three Pokémon. Paul asks Ash if he's planning to send out {{AP|Gliscor}} next, to which Ash responds that Paul is correct. Paul recalls Drapion as he tells Ash that he already knows all the Pokémon that Ash will be using because he hadpurposely usedlet him take out his [[Paul#Aggron|Aggron]], and [[Paul#Gastrodon|Gastrodon]] asso he could be certain of Ash's strategy and exactly which Pokémon guineahe'd pigsuse. Paul then proclaimssays that ever since he kept Drapion on the field, he had been able to predict every one of Ash's moves, but much to his shock, Ash is still willing to continue. Ash states there is nobody like Paul and he states that is why he is not losing to him that easily.
Ash sends out Gliscor and Paul sends out his fourth Pokémon, {{DL|Paul|Ninjask}}, which uses {{m|Agility}} right from the start. Ash tells Gliscor to use its newest attack, {{m|Stone Edge}}. However it is easily dodged by Ninjask, still using Agility (Its ability {{a|Speed Boost}} was also helping it move faster too as Brock noticed). Ninjask comes in with a quick {{m|Fury Cutter}}, hitting Gliscor countless times. While falling, Gliscor regains lift and tries to use {{m|Fire Fang}} on Ninjask, but is unsuccessful and Gliscor falls into the field and gains the effect from the Toxic Spikes Drapion had left. Ash recalls Gliscor and sends out {{AP|Infernape}}, who also gets poisoned from the Toxic Spikes. Ash realizes that he's at a major disadvantage while Toxic Spikes are active and tells Infernape to use {{m|Dig}} and leave Paul and Ninjask wondering where it is. Infernape uses {{m|Flare Blitz}} underground, illuminating the entire field in a bright red, alleviating the Toxic Spikes, and also damaging Ninjask. Paul tells Ninjask to use {{m|Giga Drain}} and begins to sap energy from Infernape. At this point everyone notices that Ninjask is not moving as fast as it originally was shown to be. Brock guesses that the damage from Flare Blitz must have canceled Speed Boost out for the time being. As Ninjask drains away its energy, Infernape scrutinizes Ninjask's movements carefully and lands a successful {{m|Mach Punch}}, knocking out Ninjask. Ash and Paul are now tied with three Pokémon each that are able to battle and Ash, knowing Infernape is starting to get tired, recalls it for some rest.