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* Relicanth, along with {{p|Zigzagoon}}, are the two Pokémon left out of the [[Hoenn Pokérap]].
* Relicanth shares its types with four of the five original [[fossil]] Pokémon, {{p|Kabuto}}, {{p|Kabutops}}, {{p|Omanyte}}, and {{p|Omastar}}, furthering its link to them as a living fossil.
* Relicanth's canregular beand either{{Shiny}} oneform ofcolorations twoare colors;the itssame regularas form isthose brown,observed whilein its {{Shiny}} form is blue. Its real-life counterpart, the {{wp|coelacanth|counterpart}}, can be either of these colors, as well.
* Relicanth's [[Effort values|EV yield]] (1 HP and 1 Defense) is unique.