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'''Argy''' (Japanese: '''アージー''')<br>
Former [[Bulbanews]] editor in chief (2005-2009)<br>
Former [[Bulbapedia]] style editor<br>
[[Bulbagarden forums]] global moderator (former administrator, currently inactive)
I am a professional journalist in real life. I was very active at Bulbagarden when I was a high school and college student, but now I spend most of my time working. I have been a Pokémon fan since 1998.
I was very active on Bulbagarden during my high school and college years, but my current full-time work as a professional journalist leaves me with not enough spare time to devote to helping administrate the website.
I have very large collection of Pokémon merchandise, mostly of certain {{t|Grass}}-type [[starter Pokémon]]. I am active in the [ pkmncollectors] LiveJournal community as '''rgmusashi'''.
I am, however, active on the [ pkmncollectors] LiveJournal community and [ collect merchandise] mostly featuring {{t|Grass}}-type [[starter Pokémon]], most notably the {{p|Treecko}} and {{p|Snivy}} evolutionary lines.
==External links==
<!-- ===Personal reference===
* [ Plastic Forest] (collection)
* [[User:Argy/National Dex checklist|National Dex checklist]]
* [ Fanart]
* [[User:Argy/Pokémon card inventory|Pokémon card inventory]]
* [[User:Argy/Genders of TV series Pokémon|Genders of TV series Pokémon]] -->