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m (Unless this is what she actually says in game, this is a spelling error.)
|epname=Smeargle Smudge
|desc={{p|Miltank|Mil Mil}} is Whitney's main Pokémon. She was first seen in the bike race, where her having it use {{m|Tackle}} on Gold caused her to be in the lead.{{tt|*|considered cheating with bad sportsmanship}} The race was halted when a [[Gold (Adventures)#Sudobo|Sudowoodo]] and a {{p|Rhydon}} were blocking the way. Mil Mil tried to defeat the Rhydon but got defeated, and Whitney had her arm broken after it kidnapped her. Gold catches the Sudowoodo and takes down the Rhydon himself. Mil Mil reappeared when she was battling {{p|Suicune}}, or rather an animated statue imitation. She was no match for it despite being Whitney's strongest Pokémon, although with [[Pryce]]'s tips they succeeded in pinning it down. She was used in a battle against Misty in the tournament in which Mil Mil easily was defeated easily by the latter's {{p|Starmie}}.}}