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Later, after training with his new powers, Ryouga, Miruto and Yappy encounter a street performer named Rabine sleeping in the woods. After Rabine runs off, they chase him and end up in a small area with a vending machine in the middle. Yappy manages to figure out how to get it to move, revealing a secret passage underneath it. The group goes down the stairs and ends up in a tournament for Burst Warriors known as Burst Heart Survival.
There, Ryouga meets several other Burst Warriors along with meeting up with Carola and Hariru again. Using his Burst, Ryouga passes the first round, Suddenly Bottomless Survival, and moves onto the second one. Due to Miruto and Yappy not being Burst Warriors, they are kidnapped by the tournaments navigator, Pauline, and are held for ransom. In the second round, Box Escape Survival, Ryouga is paired up against the young ninja Karuta who has entered BHS to heal his disease-plagued village. Figuring out how to escape the box they are trapped in, Ryouga and Karuta manage to pass onto the next round, "Add -Up -To -Ten Survival.
In the third round, "Add-up-to-ten Survival", Ryouga is given the medal labeled 1, marking him as the last to leave their box from the previous round, much to his annoyance. Due to his low number, anyone Ryouga attempts to fight only runs away, much to his frustration. Eventually, Ryouga encounters Dokan, the {{p|Garbodor}} Burst Warrior and finds out that he took Karuta's medal.
Furious, Ryouga battles against the rotund Burst Warrior in order to win the medal back. Though a tough battle, Ryouga eventually wins and takes both Karuta's and Dokan's Burst Hearts. Soon after, Ryouga is approached by Hariru who is looking for a fight and the two begin battling.
With the new strength he gained from connecting to Zekrom, Ryouga is now strong enough to take Hariru's attacks much easier than he did before. Eventually, when the two become exhausted, Ryouga decides to use his remaining strength to fire one last powerful attack at Hariru. When Haririu attempts to block the attack, he hears the pained screams of Carola for him in the distance, distracting him long enough to be hit by the attack. Hariru emerges from the smoke, staggers, and falls down defeated while Ryouga tiredly looks over him.