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==Important events==
* [[Jupiter]] and [[Mars]] leave [[Team Galactic]] to search for [[Cyrus]].
* [[Hareta]] and [[Mitsumi]] follow Team Galactic to [[Stark Mountain]], where they meet [[Charon]].
* The egg given to Hareta by [[Kaisei]] hatches into a {{p|Minun}}.
* [[B-2]] joins Hareta's group as they go to take down Charon and [[Neo Team Galactic]].
==Party changes==
The following Pokémon are obtained:
* [[Hareta's Minun]] in [[DPA30]]
==Character summary==
| align=center | [[File:095.png]]<br>{{p|Onix}}
| align=center | [[File:200.png]]<br>{{p|Misdreavus}}
| align=center | [[File:312.png]]<br>{{pTP|Hareta|Minun}}