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Userboxes: As for the Drive one, I got my license today, after school =D
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{{User Gay Rights}}
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|N=This user is a '''[[:Category:User en-N|native]]''' speaker of '''[[:Category:User en|English]]'''.
| style="color: black" | This user was born in June, so his gem is an '''[[wp:alexandrite|<span style="color: black">alexandrite</span>]]'''.
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! style="background: #{{flying color light}}; {{#switch:{{{moz|yes}}}|yes={{roundy|60px}}|no=}}" | [[Image:Spr_5b_641.png|50px]]
| style="color: black" | This user is a Gemini, so his element is '''<span style="color: black">air</span>'''.
{{User Drive}}
==== Likes and Dislikes ====
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{{User Pedia}}
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=== Pokémon stuff ===
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{{User Gible|Snape kills Dumbledore}}
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