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Cheren's Snivy

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Seriously, Cheren? You haven't evolved this thing yet? The most recent chapter takes place in the Cold Storage...
Later, Snivy, along with Tepig and Oshawott, are sent to {{adv|Black}}'s home from the lab and the package reaches the boys hands. Black's cold, which he got after staying in the rain while waiting for package to come, causes him to sneeze and drop the box, releasing the Pokémon from their Poké Balls. Snivy and Tepig get into another fight and Oshawott once again tries to stop them only to get angry again and violently attack them. Tepig runs off with Black following, leaving Snivy at the mercy of Oshawott's rage. Later, Professor Juniper shockingly arrives to see the aftermath of the battle between Snivy and Oshawott. Next, Bianca and Cheren arrive wondering what had happened; while Professor Juniper worries about her broken Pokédexes, Bianca hands Cheren Snivy, stating that it resembled him, and takes Oshawott for herself. After they find Black and witness him and Tepig defeat a wild attacking {{p|Sewaddle}}, Snivy just looks away uninterested while the others look in shock. Afterwards, Snivy is used against Bianca's Oshawott which ends with the latter and its Trainer attacking Cheren and Snivy in anger.
SometimeAfter laterCheren and Bianca arrive in Striaton City to tell Black to take care of his Pokédex, they get roped into his Gym battle. Snivy, along with Oshawott and Black's Tepig, [[now named Tep]], isare used into the [[Striaton Gym]] againstbattle the Gym Leaders, [[Cilan]], [[Chili]], and [[Cress]]. EventuallyBefore doing so, theySnivy manageis used to defeatteach Chili'sBianca about Pokémon type compatibility by having it and Tep attack her Oshawott and teach Bianca which types are strong and weak against {{ptype2|PansearWater}}, allowingPokémon. themAfter topassing winthrough withthe threeGyms tochallenge, onethey afterface the time limitGym runs outLeaders.
At first, Snivy and the others are overpowered by the three Pokémon belonging to the Gym Leaders but eventually gain the upper hand when they use teamwork. Snivy was defeated by Chili's {{p|Pansear}} after it made itself stronger with {{m|Work Up}}. Luckily, Tep managed to grab some of Pansage's leaves and feeds them to Snivy and Oshawott, rejuvenating them. Just as they are revived, the match's time limit ends, allowing Cheren, Bianca, and Black to win with 3-2.
==Moves used==